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September is one of my favorite months.  Besides being my birth month, it's time for the yellow busses to transport students to and from school, football games on chilly Friday nights, leaves beginning to change, and sweaters!  
I spent Saturday through Monday in bed with a horrible cold (I guess it was a cold).  We went to Surdyk's and got some cheese and some chocolate, stopped at REI, and then came home.  It was a gorgeous day.  By the time we got home I could feel something "cooking" in my throat and my nose.  I was miserable and slept the rest of the day and most of Sunday, Monday I felt much better--not having the headache was a huge deal.
Last night I finally attended knit night at Shepherd's Choice.  It was so much fun and Jenny Wilder came in for knitting help.  She's recently published an almanac and we had her sign our copies. 
I cannot wait to begin classes.  It's been way too long without working.  I'm making progress on my class write-ups and have to finish up the samples.  The intarsia pillow is progressing, but I may frog back and switch to a smaller needle.  The Spud & Chloe yarn is lovely, but any kind of cotton is unforgiving and I'm sure the color sections will be neater if I can keep those stitches tighter.  Next up will be more ornament samples.  I have the polymer clay and felted ones, but I want to make a variety of knitted ones and perfect that pattern.  I'd like for my students to complete at least one during the session.  There is a cabled hat and Fair Isle bag for me to make and I can stash dive for the bag.  Busy needles over the next week or so!  Once I get into the flow of the shop hours, it'll be nice.  The only ornament in the photo I like is the red one.  I'm going to use yarn for the hanger instead of the twisted cord made with embroidery floss. Also, the button will come off.  I want the project to be easier to complete in a couple of hours.  Buttons, beads, etc. and fiddly and okay for when more time is available.  The white one is nice, but the gauge needed to be tighter.  The green one had too many rows of Fair Isle pattern, and lost it's nice shape.  It's a good thing I'm testing out different patterns!  


Joanne said...

Love that sweater and the ornaments. No sweaters here yet, we have turned unseasonably warm. So, wear a sweater for me. :)

twistedinstitches said...

OOO I like the red one too! Did you try stuffing them with something other than regular stuffing? I wonder if the shape is lost because when it hangs its "heavy"? Too bad cotton candy doesn't last...light and super fluffy!!!

Deborah said...

I used regular stuffing. The shape works best when the knitting is firm. They are surprisingly lightweight. I love the red one, too.
I'd probably eat all the cotton candy, anyway...