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Finishing touches

I've been working hard on the shop samples making changes to the ornament pattern.  Joanne proofed my pattern and had suggestions, which I appreciate so much.  I like the hangers better and the focus is on the patterning across the center.  The Argyle Pillow (at least the front) is finished and I'm now zipping through the back.  I hope to have most of it done before knit night tomorrow.  
We're having quite the rainstorm tonight.  I like hearing the rain and I'm in a comfy chair by the door watching the weather listening to "Soundscapes" music.  Very cozy!
I hit it big via the postal service and Fed Ex the past two days.  Big Agnes now has her new poles and they were under warranty!  I also got the re-published Aran Knitting, by Alice Starmore.  Folks on Ravelry said there was only one new sweater, but I noticed a few new things.  Anyway, I'm happy to have the book and can't wait to break out the tweed that's been ripening in the stash!  

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Joanne said...

The ornaments are great fun to knit! I really like them.