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I had such a fun birthday weekend.  Jim and I went out for pizza on Friday evening, Saturday we hung out, and then yesterday I joined the shop for our trip (via train) to the new Twins stadium (nee Target Stadium) for Stitch & Pitch.  Nothing like watching baseball outdoors on a gorgeous day.  The Twins lost, but still have a great record and our seats were awesome!  It got a bit chilly when the sun went behind the seats, but I had on my little cap.  some gals brought their large projects to sit on their laps.  Knit one, keep warm too!  Jim had ribs ready for supper when I got home and after that we had the wonderful chocolate drizzle cake from Byerly's bakery.  Om-nom-nom!
The Argyle Pillow is finished.  The I-cord is the final touch.  I started over a few times, as I didn't like the way it looked.  I ended up picking working three stitches and skipping the fourth and the cord lays nice and flat.  The pillow is on the class schedule.  You can check it out here along with three other classes!  I mentioned the hat I made...well, I had in mind what I wanted and it turned out so cute.  I was in a bit of a rush to finish, so  I didn't take notes.  I have to re-engineer it and will have a pattern ready this week.
I'm watching a squirrel bury an acorn.  My goodness, it's like watching a human.  It dug the hole, pushed the acorn in, covered it with dirt, and then tamped down the dirt with both hands--really pushing it hard.  So funny to watch!  The little buggers drive me nuts, but they're fun to watch.

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Margies said...

Hi Deborah, lovely cushion, the buttons are perfect. I love the idea of Stitch and Pitch. Happy Belated Birthday. Big Hugs, Margie.