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Spin class--and this one wasn't on a bicycle!

While gathering all my supplies for the drop spindle class today, I thought MiniD and Jojo would like to tag along.  It's not spinning unless Joanne's along!  The girls were playing hide and seek (although I knew where MiniD was--she must have been "it".  JoJo was hiding and Sock Monkey, Shawn, and Hershey weren't talking.  Little Sheep was hiding in the top drawer of the antique dresser.  After some looking I found JoJo in the big basket with Jack Glo, Seamus, Coco, McLamb, Skippy (he's an instigator), Humpty Dumpty, and Gingerbread Boy.  Such a time!
Now the girls are in the basket ready to go.  Little Sheep is on the dresser keeping an eye on Sock Monkey and his buddies.  Spunny will be going to class with us.  The gals at the shop wanted me to bring along my wheel, so my go-to guy Louie Louet will be my buddy today.  I brought along various spindles, too.  I'm excited to see who's in the class.  
17.01.10  Oh, it was a fun class and I took a photo of some of the baby skeins before the students left.  Carol made us a delicious lunch of chicken wild rice soup, rolls, carrots with dip, and oatmeal raisin cookies.  The Louet spinning kits worked out great and the students were quick to learn the technique.  

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Joanne said...

Yippee! More handspun yarn! Glad your class went well. We'll have to have a talk with JoJo and make sure she doesn't hide again, when you are looking for her. :)