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We ended 2009 on an artful note by going to the MIA for the Louvre exhibit.  Jim got me memberships to both the MIA and the Walker museums.  This year I'm taking more time to take in what Minneapolis has to offer.  When I lived in Europe, I always took time to visit museums and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The special exhibit has 20 works on loan from the Louvre.  I was especially happy to see Vermeer's Astronomer.  His work never ceases to amaze me with the attention to detail and his use of light.  We took the time to go to the third floor and visit Hortense.  Degas is one of my favorite artists.  The painting is done on ticking fabric and I like to imagine Degas working on the composition.  Hortense has a confidence in her facial expression showing she was hardly intimidated by Monsieur Degas.

Knitting, knitting...the scarf is really progressing.  I'm afraid I need to get some of the ends woven in before it gets too long!  My luck we'll have a thaw before I finish.  It's still fun to knit and will be a nice accessory to wear in the winter.  Everyone needs a punch of color and using up stash wool is even better!  
I bought an interesting book last month.  There aren't too many new knitting books I'm willing to purchase, but this one caught me by surprise.  It has patterns, but even better, it's also a stitch dictionary for reversible knitting.  I'm going to knit up some swatches rather than a large project for the shop.  There are lots of possibilities with the techniques.
Vogue Knitting came yesterday and it's great to see the return of Fair Isle, cables, and color.  Some of the shapes (Twinkle's chunky vest with the bubble shaping) remind me of the mid-1980s sans shoulder pads.  I've now been around long enough to see the fashions (good and bad) of my youth come and go, but it's nice to see a return to finer yarns and complex color work and textures. 

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Joanne said...

You will have so much fun at the museums! That is great. I love your scarf and that book sounds wonderful, too.