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The deep freeze is back

The January thaw is over and the cold and a fresh coating of snow is back.  I was getting a bit tired of the melting slop. 
I'm actively knitting on  four projects at present.  The #11 cardigan is progressing quickly.  I do like the thought of a steek, although I'll know more when I secure and cut it!  I began the Stone Walls vest with the two hanks of gorgeous green yarn from Ireland.  I wanted to do the XO vest, but I want to be sure to have enough.  I'm almost finished with the 2 1/2-inches of ribbing and then will start the texture and cabling.  That's the best part.  I have two sock yarn scarves going, which are great for tucking into my bag when I'm out and about.  Since Mom and I can't go out today, I'll probably take along the two big projects so she can see them. 
In February, I'll be finishing up my first Wood Badge ticket.  That will be nice!  Four more to go after that.  I have 15 months to finish all five.  One thing I'm determined to finish this year is my Level II Master Handknitting.  It's a great program that makes one really dig in and focus on technique, history, writing, and projects.  Level I helped me become a better knitter and teacher.
I made the cookies from the mix Mom made at one of her activities.  They are really good, too.  The jar was so charming, I hated to empty it, but we needed some home-baked goodies over the weekend.  With Ben gone I don't bake as much.  Jim's working hard for cycling and Philmont and I'm just trying to keep my "girlish" figure.  I'd really rather just crop, cut, and paste with Photo Editor, but alas, it's not possible! 

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Joanne said...

Oh, I bet those cookies were good. The jar is very pretty, love the colors speckled around! I, too, would've hated to empty it. Love the snowman, too.