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Well, I lasted a little longer into the new year before caving--I got the yarn for a Lopi cardigan, which I've wanted to knit for years.  It's got steek stitches in the front, although I am convinced I don't like having just two purl stitches.  I'm a little past joining in the round and decided to put in an extra stitch between the two steek stitches, and then on either side I'll twist the knit stitches.  Rather than the purls showing on the front, I can work a crochet chain up the twisted stitches and then cut the center.  Anyway, that's the plan.  
The Batty Baktus Flat Feet Scarf is coming along.  It's a nice NBK (no brain knit) and I like the color way.  The first panel for the increases is almost finished, and then the second panel will be for the decreases.  
21.01.10 I took out the Lopi cardigan to the ribbing and re-knit with the 3-stitch steek.  I also decided to finally finish the sleeve of the Rustic cardigan.  I don't think I'll go with the wood buttons, though.  With nine buttons, I don't want to have to take them off when it's washed.  


Joanne said...

The lopi cardigan will be beautiful. Are you using the colors in the original picture or did you choose different ones? On your steeks, did you know that you can alternate yarn colors across them, giving you a column of color, then it is easy to follow the line to eventually cut. aaaackkk. Cut knitting. LOL! Have fun! Email if this sounds like greek.

Kathy said...

That's a great cardigan. You know me, I'm a sucker for Lopi.

How is it knitting on yarn that has already been knit and blocked? Is the "krinkleliness" a pain or not? It must be fun to watch the coloration unfold as your knitting.

Deborah said...

The Lopi sweater goes quickly. I've seen many types of steeks, but I'm just giving this one a go. It looked easy.
I love knitting from the Flat Feet panels. The crinkly texture stays in the yarn and gives some surface interest to the garter stitching.