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Color in Winter

finally took the time to finish the scarf.  It's really nice and will be warm--just in time for the temps in the 30s!  We're going to have a little January thaw over the next week.  Earlier we had fog and it reminded me so much of Germany.  The trees looked as though they were sprayed with flocking.  Eevee and I went outside and took some photos.
I started another Baktus scarf with my Flat Feet yarn.  Since it's the bat design, I'm naming it the Batty Baktus Flat Feet Scarf.  So far the colors are blending nicely.  Kathy and I have to work on our sock blanks this year.  We're due for a day of fun!  My next sweater project will be to finish the lace pullover I started last year and then make a vest from the beautiful green Donnegal yarn from Ireland.  I'm still allowing the four skeins of the oatmeal color ripen before I decide what project to do. 
On Tuesday, I stopped by Half Price Books after an appointment.  I found a copy of a Little Golden Book  I'd had as a child, My Teddy Bear.  The illustrations are charming and the teddy bear looks just like my teddy, Little Sister.  I read it to Mom while we had lunch in her room and she really enjoyed it.  My favorite illustration is the one with the teddy wearing a hat.  I have such fond memories of the time Mom and I spent together while my siblings were in school.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,

I really like your blog! I love to reminisce, and this post enabled me to do just that.

Greetings from Canada!