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I have been a busy bee.  The past weekend I went down to Texas to visit my dear friend, Joanne.  She is one of the original members of the Texas Twisters (spinning group), and a talented fiber artist.  The weather was perfect--not too hot--and the fiber was plentiful!  We had fun creating art batts and spinning.  I always learn so much by watching Joanne spin her magic on the wheel.  We went to the Woolie Ewe  in Plano and then to Madtosh.  I was very happy to find Madtosh mini skeins of yarn for the Peerie Flooers and Sheep Heid hats by Kate Davies.  At the Woolie Ewe I found a lovely skein of hand-dyed yarn in the colorway called Last Light--it looks like a winter sunset, a Spud & Chloë pattern box, and some colorful circular needles.  We also squeezed in a visit to Hobby Lobby where I found some more fun swirl needles, sparkle cable needles, and tapestry needles.
Highlights from the trip:

Although it was warm, we had lovely weather with a nice breeze.
Planes in the neighborhood!
First stop--The Woolie Ewe in Plano!  Joanne is in the window.
We fit in a visit to Madtosh Crafts.
It is a lovely shop with lots of yarn and the other half is fabric.
We were happy with our purchases.  When the gal at the shop took our
photo, she had us say, "Mad-tosh!"
Jeff took us out to supper--yum yum!
Land O Lakes--a Minnesota connection...
The fun begins in Joanne's studio.
These were my base colors for batt #1.
Joanne's batt was in lovely pale colors, which reminded me of a faded quilt.
A close up of the batt off the carder.
We sat on the deck for the afternoon spinning away, drinking iced
tea, and chatting. 
The next day (we stayed up late plying) it was time to wet the
hanks and set the twist. 
By using quilting thread (Joanne) and lace-weight yarn
for plying we each have over 200 yards of yarn.
My fiber choices for batt #2.  Pull a bit from here and there and then add it to the bowl on the scale.
At home again with the snow!
I sent batt #2 through the carder a second time to make sure the white silk was blended.  This
will be fun to spin.  I need to find the perfect plying thread or yarn for plying.
The colors are lovely.  I was not sure of the cotton yarn snips, but they will add some nice texture to the knitted surface.
Projects in progress:
Lace bag, by Sarah Hatton.
First Möbius, by Kat Bordhi on the needle.
The Hitchhiker in Starry Night.
Countess mitts--I lost my project bag for this project :^( and found this lovely gray yarn in my stash.
First Möbius off the needles.  The I-cord finished edge is easy and looks nice.
Here is the washed wool I bought from Woolen Meadow Farm.  Mmmmm...fluffy.

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Joanne said...

I am so glad that you came for a visit! Come back anytime. :)