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I think that is an appropriate name for the yarn.  It was fun to spin batt #2 into a single.  I went to Joanne, ETC in search of plying thread or yarn.  It is like choosing buttons for a garment, which takes time to find the perfect color and shape.  The silk noil bits, dyed mohair locks, and silk add texture and sheen.  I found some 40 wt Coats machine embroidery thread in neon colors.  The neon salmon attracted my eyes right away, but I also liked the neon green.  I purchased both.  The salmon popped out and looked great, however, the green enhanced the yarn--green was the choice!
Measuring 3 ounces of wool, silk, and color bits.  It is a bit like picking the best ingredients for a favorite dessert recipe.  Some of this, a pinch, smidgeon, and a dash of that...
The wool and bits were blended in two rounds through the drum carder.
The wool is spun into singles (the silk noil bits are sticking out).
Plying the single with machine embroidery thread.  I hold the thread in my right hand while keeping it straight toward my body and the single is in the left hand at an angle with my index finger guiding it while it feeds onto the thread, and then I feed the length through the orifice.
The yarn plied perfectly balanced!!!!
With all the color, it reminds me of Millefiori.
Now to set the twist and add this to something wonderful...
Yum...eye candy!

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