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Shepherd's Harvest 2013

For months I thought that our last Wood Badge Development before course in August was going to be the full weekend through Mother's Day.  We ended up coming back on Saturday evening, which meant Shepherd's Harvest  was a go for Kathy and me.  We were texting back and forth late in the evening making our plan.  It was a very fun day!  Lots of vendors, only a few sheep left on Sunday, but lots of llamas and alpacas.  We ran into lots of friends and made some new ones.  When I got  home from the festival I opened up the box of goodies I received from Fancy Fibers Farm containing the mohair locks, denim noil and sari silk.  I am excited to use the add-ins for colorful spinning.                                                                    
See the llama be the llama

Psst...you have something in your teeth.

Multicolor llama.  The llamas seemed to love being photographed.

CVM lambs were not as easy to photograph.
We stopped at Dunn Bros for something warm to drink and goodies.  I am working
on the Hitchhiker

Kathy is working on her Mullet Socks--business in the front, party in the back.

This is really nice roving from Handspun by Stefania.  I have 15.5 ounces.  The sample was really nice.  I know it looks like a German flag and I like that.  Fun and so soft!

Two ounces of hemp from Susan's Fiber Shop.  I spun a small sample and may use it carded with something else in the stash.

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A really pretty top to make with handspun.

Too pretty for feet!

Mmmm...for spinning:  denim noil, sari silk, and mohair locks from
Fancy Fibers Farm in Texas.


Kathy said...

It was such a fun day. Thanks for driving!

Joanne said...

Fun items all! Glad you were able to go after all.