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Lately I have been making samples for my upcoming classes.  I found a couple of great patterns, one in Texas and one at Shepherd's Harvest.  As I am working on the Silken Straw (finally at the yoke!) today I cast on for a tunic in Shibui Linen.  It is much easier to work with than the silk and the project is going to be ready quickly.
Jane's Tunic.  This is a quick knit so far!  

Silken Straw Sweater.  This is a not-so-quick knit, but at least I am on the sleeve/yoke!

This is going to be the Fair Isle cardigan from
The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters.
The Pine Bough Cowl.  The yarn is soft and gets even softer
after it is washed!
Looking ahead to an upcoming class, "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns," by Ann Budd is a great resource for plain garments that can be changed to suit the wearer.
I will have to check the stash...maybe I have enough handspun cotton...

Yesterday I was at the shop and sat downstairs knitting and visiting with Angel between customers and her re-stocking the shelves with yarn.  We had a bite of lunch and when I did my usual walk about the shop, some color caught my eye...

Post Apocalypse by Vice 

 ...resistance is futile...

I loved the browns and grays amongst the vibrant colors--cashmere and silk
blended with merino is a nice touch, also.

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Joanne said...

Oh, my gosh! I wouldn't have resisted that one either. The colors are gorgeous and it must be so soft. Your projects look great! You go girl!