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The Silken Straw Sweater is finished.  The I-cord edging was not as fiddly as I heard.  It is just a matter of carefully picking up all the threads.  I did not use the I-cord instructions in the pattern because having to pull the slipped stitch over was not as easy as knitting the slipped stitch and the edge stitch together through the back loop--and with larger needles.  The silk has no give and it is far too easy to make the edging tight.  I blocked it Blue Sky style--beating it with a ruler when damp, shaping and pinning to size, and leaving it to air dry.
There was a slight setback with Jane's Tunic...I used the larger needle for the body...luckily I reread the pattern!  I am back on track and it will be a quick project compared to the silk sweater.

The Silken Straw Sweater turned out just beautiful.  

Taking a break at Caribou and knitting.

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Margie said...

Your work is as beautiful as ever Deborah, I love to see all your garments and read about your classes and your fellow knitters, Thank you for dropping by Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment, and mist of all Thank you for thinking of me, big hugs, Margie ❤