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Works in progress (WIPs)--a constant for me!  I am currently working on shop samples.  After a couple of hiccups with Jane's Tunic, I am almost finished with one side.  There is a concern about the amount of yarn (5 hanks) being enough to finish, but I will soldier on and maybe hold a hank back just in case.  I love knitting with the linen.  The drape is lovely.  Next is the Pine Bough Cowl.  HiKoo Kenzie (merino/nylon/angora/alpaca/silk noils) makes knitting a breeze--plus knitting in the round traps the long floats on the wrong side of the fabric.  The yarn is soft and the colors beautiful.  The yarn rep was at the shop recently and had a washed and blocked swatch--oh my goodness, it was so soft!  There is not a large range of colors, but the colors available are wonderful.

As for the other WIPs and UFOs, they are anxiously waiting in their bags!

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