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Fibrrrrr fun!

The group from Anoka Fiber Works with our goodies.
On Sunday Anoka Fiber Works had their first field trip to Woolen Meadows Farm in Delano.  Sue Ross was wonderful and we spent time bonding with the friendly flock of sheep and shopped in the studio.  The adult sheep were naked, but the new lambs were adorable.  The black lamb with a tuft of curly white locks on its forehead was my favorite.  I bought some washed white fleece (6 pounds), a small bag of white cashmere, and Sue gave me a bag of color bits and bobs from previous felting projects. The weather was cloudy and chilly.  On the way home we stopped at a nice coffee shop to warm up and have a snack--thankfully the rain held off until we were on our way back to AFW.
The kitty liked being around all the action.
Sue and her daughter show off one of the lambs.
This lamb was my favorite!
Pretty kitty.
Cute lambs.  All the sheep were very friendly.

Yesterday we had some more snow.  It looked so pretty this morning.  I do believe this may be the last of the snow because warmer temperatures are on the way.  The other day the robins and squirrels were out and about, but I have not seen them today.  It must be very confusing for them!

The early morning light was beautiful.
Before the melt.

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