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Sample finished!

I like the curves toward the center.
I finished the Upcycled Elegance scarf this morning.  It was a challenge to get all the pieces to stick to the scarf, but I did it!  I didn't like the original idea of just having the pieces on the ends and wanted it to be more organic-looking.  To make sure all the ribbon, metallic, and wool pieces stayed on I spun a single of warm brown Shetland wool and plied it with some leftover mohair from the vertical lace scarf.  It was just enough to felt on top of the other bits and bobs.  Now to see if this can become a class...
Detail of the scarf.  The needle-felting also adds texture with the needle's barbs
catching the scarf fabric and pulling on the threads. 

The Silken Straw sweater is progressing and I am on the first sets of decreases and second hank of yarn.  Making my way from the bottom to the top.

It has been snowing quite a bit.  We said, "The heck with it," and turned on the Christmas lights outside for the past couple of evenings.  When spring finally comes to Minnesota, it will be lovely.  I do not worry too much about it, as the mosquito season will be shorter this year.
I am hoping the snow cover provides some much-needed moisture for the yard.

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