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Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!

 The rain has come and gone, now the weather is just warm and partially sunny.  At least there will be fireworks tonight.  
I'm really happy that Germany won their World Cup game yesterday, and the Tour de France is on right now.  Speaking of which, I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece through Ravelry and I'm on Team Coffee and Chocolate with Joanne and the Texas Twisters.  The photos show what I've done so far.  I'm finishing up the gray cormo/silk blend and then will work on the chocolate covered cherries later.  
Antique postcard--free clip art


Joanne said...

Cormo is so soft!! This will be such a great yarn for you to work with. Do you have plans for it?

Margie said...

Hi Deborah, I hope your enjoyed the 4th. I tried to leave a comment on your most recent post about spinning but this computer just kept saying error. The purple and pink wool is really beautiful reminding me of blackberries mashed in a bowl, good enough to eat. We are still waiting patiently for the little one to arrive. hugs, Margie.