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Spinning along with the Tour de Fleece

I finished the yarn I call Benelux and began my early run for the  polka dot jersey by spinning my Chocolate Covered Cherries.  I love the polka dot jersey because it was introduced by a French chocolatier.  Yum!  I've got just over a pound, so this yarn will be a two-ply.  I want to keep the color and texture.  (I have to work fast as I'll be missing a few days by attending summer camp with the troop.) Mark Cavendish really had a good sprint today!  I'm happy for Fabian Cancelara in yellow, and Thor in green.  I can imagine things may change in the mountains, though.
I had a treat yesterday with Ben coming back from his road trip to Indiana.  The guys had a lot of fun.  He was pleased with the scout shirt I made and I can't wait for photos.  I think Lord Baden Powell would be pleased with the uniform.

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Joanne said...

Ohhh, very pretty!! It is looking just great spun up.