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The yellow road home

I'm watching the awards ceremony for the Tour de France.  It was quite a race this year. I'm not so sure about the umbrella skirts of the polka dot girls.  Cavendish was awesome at the last.  He just catapults out of nowhere to win.  There's Andy--he's an awesome rider.  He really rode with class throughout the race.  Although I wanted Andy to win, Contordor came through with that fantastic time trial yesterday and increased his win time to 39 seconds.  He is champion this year, but next year should be even better!
Late last night I dove into the fiber stash and found some yellow/ dark brown fiber to spin for the last day of the Tour de Fleece.  Appropriately it's the colors of bees and sunflowers.
Now that the Tour de Fleece and the Tour de France are done, I decided to have a little photo session with the gang and the finished yarn.  Eevee wanted to be in the photo, too.  

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Joanne said...

Great photo's!! Love seeing all the toys and the girls, including Eevee!