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We had a nice Thanksgiving made even better having Ben home for the week. I was browsing around the local antique shops and stopped into a favorite one after I saw the little church in the window. This is the exact little church that my Mom has on her table, which was Grandma's. It lights up and has a music box in it that plays Silent Night. I just couldn't believe it when I saw it in the window! It's not fancy, it's made of post-war plastic, but it takes me back to a time and place in my childhood with fond memories of my Grandmother. Who can resist that?
We went past the tree farm where we usually cut our tree and found a smaller place to cut down a tree this year. It's a lovely area and you walk through the woods to get to the tree plantation. I'm only holding the tree for the photo! It's a big one (for this house, anyway) and smells wonderful! We wanted to be sure Ben was with us to get it and he had the honor of cutting it down. Today I'll start decorating.
On to knitting...the brown jumble is the Rustic cardigan. I have one sleeve ready for the garter stitch band, the other sleeve to knit, weave in ends, and then sew on some fabulous buttons. It's such a great color and the linen/wool blend is soft. This will be a favorite! I'm plugging away on the Warm Woolies sweaters. I'm on the last one. The yarn is just so splitty and hard on my hands. I'm using straight needles for the front pieces and the weight is affecting my right thumb. I've got three nice sweaters and may make hats or a blanket with the rest of the yarn so I don't have to worry about picking up stitches and all those ends to weave.
Yesterday I took Ben to the coffee shop where we meet to take the kids back to school. Jess' parents took them this time. I miss him already, but we'll see him again on the 18th!


Joanne said...

What a gorgeous tree! I love the church. I think it is so much fun to find things like that and be able to get them. Enjoy it, it is pretty. The next 18 days will fly by and Ben will be home. Are you ready?

Rachel said...

Wow that is a BIG tree!

Bummer on the splitty yarn--that drives me nuts too--makes the project way less enjoyable.

Margie said...

Deborah your tree is so pretty, and I loved to see the photos. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving with Ben. Empty nest is always difficult, and it is good to have Christmas to spend time together again. I always believe that everything happens for a reason and I am sure that it was not an accident that you saw that little church in the shop window. Memories are so precious. Hugs, Margie.

Kathy said...

You're getting in the spirit! It was nice having our guy home, too.