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Knitting and a wee bit of Ireland

Here are a few more photos of Ireland. One of my favorite places was The Burren, and this tomb. It's amazing to think of our world close to 6,000 years ago. I have to note (looking through the photos) that capturing vignettes in a photo is not only snatching a memory, but also recording sources that inspire me. I compose and snap my photos as if I'm going to paint the subject. The colors of Ireland are intense and appear to be more so when it rains! The color combinations and textures influence my yarn choices for knitting projects. I think that's why I love Scottish and Irish tweed yarns so much!
Here and there in County Clare
Fence at a church ruin, the Cliffs of Moher from the Doolin Ferry boat, screech owl at Ailwee Cave Raptor center, sheep staredown, Poulnabrone (6,000 year-old tomb), wall decoration in Galway
Bunratty Castle and the Folk Park
A door at the castle, window, turtle shells were used for serving at the castle back in the day, stairs to the dungeon, pitchers in the dairy cottage, crooked little char in one of the Folk Park cottages (every fireplace was going, so it was nice to warm up!), weaving shop, and coins at the horizontal mill.
Haystacks, wheels, thatch detail, a plumb color door, and chickens huddling away from the rain.
I've been so busy catching up that I haven't really been knitting--gasp! I do have a goal to complete, and that's using up the Lands' End yarn for the Warm Woolies sweaters before December 15. I wore my Fair Isle Collared Jacket yesterday. It's very comfortable and looks cute on! Love that project. I moved the button over a bit to bring the collar in and I like the fit better. Yesterday was my first day of a Wednesday class. I don't teach beginning knitting often and it's a good challenge to break down the movements and find ways to help each student successfully manipulate the yarn and needles to make knitted fabric! Movements I've been doing for (46--gosh, has it been that long?) years are automatic, but not so for others. Everyone managed to understand the purl stitch, and I make sure they know about this site, because the videos are helpful when you can't get to the shop for help.
The Baktus scarves are fun to knit and a great use of sock yarn when one suffers from SSS (second sock syndrome). The Donnegal yarn is ripening while I search for the perfect project. There is a gorgeous sweater in my new fave magazine The Knitter. Grumble...they don't really have a site and I don't want to sign up for more e-mail...On my ring finger in the photo is part of my birthday present from Jim. We happened to drive by Brian Hackett's studio outside Doolin. He was in the process of setting up and we thought he wasn't even open, but he was very gracious and we loved his work. His work space is at one end of the showroom. I'd put up a link, but he doesn't have one, yet! Anyway, the ring is based on a neckpiece and is fashioned of buffed silver, gold and sapphires. I love it! What a nice gift and sweet and thoughtful husband--it was a nice surprise!
Today is Round Table day which means Dutch oven cooking for tonight's sample. I'll make the White Chicken Chili that John made on our Wood Badge camping weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice today, so I can cook outside!
November 6--Today I had coffee with Kathy and it was so nice to catch up. Those coffee dates are so important! I ran into Connie from the bell choir (I dropped out this year) and she said I was very much missed. That's nice to hear. I can't wait to hear them play later this month and next month for Christmas.


Margie said...

More wonderful photos Deb, my fav has to be the Dolmen, and your ring is really special. I love the fact that Ireland has so many talented silver and goldsmiths who are not afraid to try new things. Currently I am in love with the work of Alan Ardriff you can see his work at http://www.alanardiff.com/index.php
I am the proud owner of one of his rings and a necklace. Hugs, Margie.

zippiknits said...

This is a wonderful photo tour of your trip. Thank you so much for sharing it! The chickens are beautiful ones. Trying to figure out the breed. DD sent me a lot of chicken pix last night, because she wants a knitted chicken. hehe.

Kathy said...

Great photos! Thanks again for my St. Brigid pin. When it cools down, I'll wear it with the real thing.

Deborah said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. I'm anxious to use images from my photos in paintings and drawings. It would be nice to have the luxury of time to sit outdoors and paint, but I do love photography!
Kathy, I can't wait to see you in your St. Brigid!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh and oh...LOVED the pics!