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Baktus scarf, Shape-It scarf, and Baba's Bed Socks

I'm working on all kinds of projects right now. I'd say I'm finishing up the WW sweaters, but those cones are large. I've gone to three-strand knitting! The yarn is just awful, but it's all for a good cause, which is important. I caved and traded in two skeins of Noro from the She-Knits Mystery Bag KAL #2 (now frogged) and got seven hanks of Cascade Rustic (color 17) in a gorgeous, warm brown for a simple cardigan. It's a blend of wool and linen (one of my fave fabrics!) with lovely drape and hand. Roxanne made a pullover with the dark indigo and it's just gorgeous! I need to sit with my back to that wall of yarn when I teach, but then I can see all the other yarn in the shop! I'm narrowing down patterns for the Donnegal yarn. The one in the photo is really pretty, too. I like the Fair Isle color work on the yoke. I have enough green to make either of the vests in Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. The O X vest is a button front and the Stone Walls is a pullover (they're both really nice). As for the bulk of the yarn, I'm thinking of something from Alice Starmore. Her cable work is amazing!
Last Saturday, I did a spinning
demo at Sharefest (church bazaar). I always love to do that and chit chat with everyone. The beautiful tube of fiber Carol gave me was so fun to work with, and Louie Louet was going great guns until the wheel had a flat. The footman to treadle connector broke, so I pulled out my drop spindle. It was a nice time. I got a few things from the international table. Judy held back a candelabra from Germany. It's really cool and I'd not seen one made of metal before. Along with that I got two dolls, one from Holland and one from Austria that will join the little Hungarian doll on the Christmas tree this year. The Dutch doll wears the costume from Volendam, the same one I'm wearing in a portrait I painted in college of Jim and myself. The funny part of that is the original photo had a spinning wheel in it, and I thought it made the composition cluttered! Too funny! The month is flying by too quickly! Ben will be home for Thanksgiving soon. I have some of my knitting done for Christmas. I don't knit for everyone on the list. I knit for the ones that specifically request something and for my fiber-loving friends. On the work front I've picked up a class on Wednesday during the day and there are plans for other classes to be offered. I'm hoping to push some of the more experienced knitters to more advanced techniques, and add another spinning class. That's fun for me to teach. Trying to build a spinning community in the NW 'burbs is a challenge.


Kathy said...

Wow, you knitting fool! I'm trying to figure out what my next big project will be, too. I picked up some mittens just to pass the time. I don't get the whole sock knitting craze, but I do love mittens.

So sad about the Louet. Is there a wheel hospital nearby?

Audra said...

Wow, you are inspiring! I am feeling the fall knitting itch but have yet to pick up my needles. Our weather has suddenly turned cold so I was kicking myself for not finishing that scarf last spring. Your work is beautiful!

Deborah said...

Thanks for the nice comments! There aren't enough hours in the day to stuff in everything I like to do! Sounds like you have your hands full, Audra!

Margie said...

Oh Deb, I am so impressed by all your work and the new projects and classes. I love fairisle work, it is so beautiful. Hugs, Margie.