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The handspun is done

Here's the handspun all finished. I have a bit on the drop spindle to add and can probably use it somewhere for trim or whatever. I wanted the colors to be random and I think it's a fun mix. I just hope it's thin enough for the gauge. I believe I'm pretty close--need to check the WPI when it's washed.
I'd post a photo of the Warm Woolies sweaters, but right now I'm so sick of that yarn! Another one is ready for sleeves. There is a wonderful, easy pattern for a sweater. I like the Steppe Sweater because it's just a matter of counting stitches and rows, so I use the yarn doubled and tripled. Using four strands is temptin
g at this point! It's for a good cause, so that helps ease the pain of knitting with splitty-stringy yarn. The Rustic cardigan is what I work on when I need a break, and I just need less than ten inches for the body. The sleeves are really quick. I'm thinking about the buttons. They must be fab!
My Wednesday beginning class is going to continue on with pick-a-project. I'm anxious to see their bags after felting. I'm ready to cast on for this hat for my niece. The shop was out of superwash wool, so I'm using Berroco Comfort, which will be a nice alternative.

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Margie said...

Hi deb, your wool is so beautiful,your spinning is amazing. I hope you do find the fab buttons you need. Hugs, Margie.