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One sleeve is good, two is better

It seems silly to show a photo of the sweater, as the left sleeve looks the same as the right sleeve. I'm glad I knitted the small, but I might have added a little length to the body. It's not cropped to the waist, just needs blocking, I suppose. This weekend would be a nice time to wear it. We'll see.
My haircut got canceled this morning--bummer. She'll call me and hopefully I can get it done tomorrow. I REALLY need a change of some kind! Something to lift my spirits (or some spirits to lift me--that sounds better). Now that I have a little time, I can revis
it the Lopi cardigan. Shhh...not too loud...I don't want it to get overly excited, yet.
Today I have
laryngitis--it's a good excuse to keep one's mouth shut, isn't it? I suppose it's better to have a frog in my throat than anywhere near my knitting!
There, I mirrored the picture so you can see the other sleeve.

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