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Let's take a SIP (sleeve in progress)

I think I finally have the sleeve going well...I took a few dips in the frog pond over the past couple of days. Transitioning the Fair Isle motif into the sleeve increases is challenging for my picky knitting nature. Anyway, I think it's going well.
We had a full house last night. It was the Sections Spaghetti Dinner for the varsity swimmers. It was fun and they surely ate a lot! We had lots of parent help, too.
Also, a disaster was averted last night--Jim leaned against the hutch and we heard a crash, but I heard that Mr. Morris caught the large platter and only one small plate had a little chip. Whew! That was close. I'm just thankful that it did
n't come down on anyone's head!!

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Kathy said...

I love the colors of that Lopi sweater. I think I was with you when you bought the yarn. Wasn't it at that shop in Mpls?

Glad to hear that your hutch survived the spaghetti feed. That could have been trouble! Jim must have done one big, "Whew!"