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I see the light!

Finally! My knitting demons are at bay! I actually like this sweater. I was trying it on as work progressed and wasn't loving what I saw. I thought, "Greaaat, another stinker," but with the sleeves attached and the neckline done (4" was too tall for me--I frogged back 1/2") I rather liked the style. It needs to be blocked, which I might steam block the color work so I can embellish the circles, and then I'll do a full block (ants in my pants, can't wait). I'm not into pompoms, so I just had a brilliant idea to try something different. If it works you'll see it, if not, you won't see it.
I still feel a bit crappy, but this shall pass. It gives me an excuse to stay home for a change! Yesterday I had a class, took Mom to get fitted for her new hearing aids (grrr...long story...grrr), and got home in time for help night at the shop. It was a relief to get home and vegetate.
Ooo-ooo! I just thought what to name this sweater--Galaxy. In this photo the tweed looks like space with billions and billions of stars. The circles represent planets or galaxies billions of light years away. (COSMOS is on tonight.) Humpf...that reads as though my brain's transmitters aren't firing correctly doesn't it?


Joanne said...

I love Galaxy, what a great job you are doing! I am anxious to see the finish sweater. I am not a pompon person either, so I am excited about what you are going to try. Hmmm, what might it be. :)

Kathy said...

Sorry you're not feeling well, but you have made great progress on your sweater. Are you going to be modeling it tomorrow?

Deborah said...

If it's dry, I will. I put it upstairs, and it's so dry in the house. See you tomorrow!