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Finishing UFOs

Once I got past the band heel (I had to wrap my brain around the instructions again), my SECOND sock is going well. Sock monkey and HD are helping by modeling them. The Kaffe Fasset yarn has lovely transitioning color bands. The yarn I really want to use is the NORO sock yarn (I will not start any more socks for a while!). It's not particularly soft, but the colors are absolutely gorgeous. They would be great socks to wear with hiking boots. It will be nice to finish these and then the bamboo socks. They are great take-along projects. I have to focus when I'm working on the Lopi cardigan. Working the motif into the increases of the sleeve is putzy, and I'm picky about how it looks. Now that swimming's over I can reclaim the house and begin to purge more stuff from the house for the troop yard sale and Goodwill. I'm also going through craft supplies and getting some together for Sharefest projects at church.
As long as I'm talking about color...here's the yarn I spun at the retreat. Joanne gave the roving to me when I visited her last year. To spin the roving, I used Louie (my Louet S10). The only reason I have the drop spindle there is because I showed someone how to use it. It's nice, soft, lofty wool. Don't know what it'll be, yet--need to know the yardage first!

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Kathy said...

Pretty colors! I saw the Noro sock yarn. The colors are great, but it seems a little crunchy for socks. I wonder if it softens as you wear them--or if they just break into pieces.

Your spun roving looks great, too. Got any plans for it yet?