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Yesterday I did a spinning demo at Share Fest.  It is always fun to see friends and share my love of spinning with others.  One little fellow, five years old, was so cute.  He explained to me how my wheel worked (very accurately, too) and then helped me spin my spindle.  Later a little girl came by and enjoyed how the spindle was spinning and proceeded to show me how she could spin also.  I noticed her shoes lit up when she walked and I told her it would be nice for my spindle to light up when it spins.  She agreed.

Lyppa is unspun Lopi and I finished the first package of 120 grams.  The Icelandic birch spindle I bought in Þingborg is wonderful easily holds 60 grams.  I was able to spin the mórauður (reddish brown) wool.  This was exciting, as the singles were just perfect.  The first hank is blocked and the second part is still on the spindle.  I looked up the color name online and found the definition here.
mórauður (Icelandic)
Origin & history:  From mór ("peat") + rauður ("red").
Pronunciation:  IPA: /ˈmouːrøyːðʏr/
Adjective:  reddish brown, peat-coloured (especially of sheep, wool and dogs)

A lovely name for reddish brown in my opinion.  The roving was delicate and wispy to spin but very strong and stable after spinning.  Drafting was smooth and easy.  Up to now I avoided spinning singles and will be anxious to see how many yards I have between the gray and the reddish brown.  It is between the thickness of Einband and Lett Lopi.  My fingertips are soft, too.  The wool has a slightly sheepy smell, which is not bad--clean sheep smell no vinegar.
Just enough twist to hold together and very little over twist.  

About 60 grams in this hank.  

The spindle was getting a little heavy, but I was able to fill it with the rest of the wool.

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