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Seeing double!

The current WIP is a double-knit hot pad.  The pattern called for cotton, but I have lots of Ella Rae wool in lovely colors.  Double knitting is knitting two sides at the same time.  My scarf was the first project worked in the technique.  The project is not large, however, when working double knitting it is good to remember that one is working two projects.  The talented designer of the pattern is Wendy from Running Jack Knits.

This photo shows the right side of the knitting (looking at the chart rows are knitted left to right).  Forty cast-on stitches are doubled to 80.  Each stitch on the chart is read as two stitches--knit on one side and purl on the other side.  I hold my yarns as I do for stranded/Fair Isle knitting, continental (pick) in my left hand and English (throw) in my right hand.  Yarns can be held in one hand, also.  Either way the yarn is held the knitter must be mindful of not twisting the yarns (except on the first stitch of each row).  

Shown is the opposite side.  The chart is read from right to left.  Once the pattern begins to show, reading the chart becomes easier.  

Looking closely at the fabric, the purl stitches show in between the knit stitches.

I have a class coming up very soon November 18 and 25, using this pattern.  I hope you will give double knitting a try.  This would be a nice hostess gift for the holidays.  Perhaps design a different motif...happy knitting!

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Joanne said...

Wow! That will be a great hot pad!