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My Moosie Has Arrived!

The wait is over--my Moosie arrived today while I was at SSK!
The box was at the front door...

...I anxiously opened it and saw my name...the suspense is driving me crazy!

Shiela Bosworth test-spun it for me and I am so happy.  It's just beautiful.  

The whorl has a pin weight by the notch.  The weight is 39 g/1.39 oz,
and the shaft is Kamphi Rosewood.  It was #3 in the release of ten spindles.

I finished spinning the roving that was on it and plied it.  

I may have to name it Bullwinkle.  This is the obligatory Moose and Squirrel photo.

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Joanne said...

What a gorgeous spindle, just love it. Bullwinkle, so I guess I better say a HANDSOME spindle. :)
Enjoy it!