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Training and costumes

Yesterday was the University of Scouting.  I spent the day in Venture Scout required training.  Changes are coming to the program next year, so it is interesting to see what is coming down the pipeline, so to speak.  It is always fun to catch up with Scouting friends and to see Ben, which is always a treat!
It is good to be with both my guys!

I am knitting another sample of the Starry Java Jacket for the shop and I must start the card holder to match.  I can work on it today.

Last evening we went to a Halloween party, which was so much fun.  Adults, teens, and little ones were all decked out and there was plenty of food, candy, and scary decorations.  The party was set up in the barn  complete with fog inside and outside.  We spent most of the time at the bonfire.  It was a perfect evening.  Jim dressed as Red Green and I was a gnome.  I retired my old Halloween costume  last year (I made the Perriot clown costume in the early 1980s--it was time) and the only new pieces needed for this year's costume were a knitted hat, felt beard, and moustache.  I must say that the beard was not bothersome, but the moustache was itchy!

Red Green and the gnome.
The real photo!

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Joanne said...

You all look great in your family photo!!! Great gnome, too. Glad it was a fun party!