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Knitting in Iceland

A week ago I returned home from a wonderful trip to Iceland.  It was a wonderful and inspiring trip!  Debbie Abrahams, our teacher, was delightful.  Our group was international--America, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Canada.  Debbie designed a project exclusively for us to knit.  The colors reflect the beauty of Iceland's landscape. I bought my buttons at the Handknitting Association of Iceland in Reykjavik.

The cozy kept my chocolate-covered licorice safe on the plane.  Rowan's Creative Focus Worsted yarn was a great choice for the project.  
I added lining with pockets!

Ragga of Knitting Iceland was our guide for two days as we took a walking tour of Reykjavik and then a day trip including a visit to Álafoss and Þingborg ullarvinnsla.  


Beautiful and serene inside

This little fellow greeted me every day in front of the grocery store.

The day I arrived it was very sunny and a perfect day to explore Reykjavik on foot.

Beautiful views everywhere in the city.

A rare quiet moment.  We must have been casting on stitches and counting.

Debbie helps Rowena.  Sue and Scullybunbun are busy working away...

One of the stops on our day trip around the Golden Circle.  My new hat is from the Alafoss Shop.  Happy to be in such a beautiful spot and happy to be with knitting friends!

At the wool collective.  Open for business!


This geyser went off every four to ten minutes.


...where yarn is made!

MiniD was exhausted and found a cozy spot on the remnants.

Across the street was an elf house just the right size.

Ragga's yarn-bombed bicycle outside her shop in Reykjavik.
Ragga and our group in her studio.  It was interesting to hear about
her designs, Icelandic history, and her collaboration with Stephen West--
their book is supposed to be out this month.  We got to try on some
of the garments!

MiniD listens intently as she sits comfortably on one of Ragga's new designs.
Knitting knitting everywhere!
Despite the rain and clouds, there was plenty of color around.

One neighborhood had painted cans with flowers adorning lampposts.

At the Icelandic Handknitting Association shop in Reykjavik.  Lots of felted cuteness!

A fun display in a book shop window.  

Knitted beards!

Trying on hats at Gaga.  This was a fun shop.  You can see the lovely colors of the coats and jackets.  

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