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The Ravellenic Games are in progress and I am knitting away on Little Red (Top Down Cropped Jacket 1720, Plymouth Yarn Company).  Although I am making good progress on the little sweater, I do not feel as dedicated to the process as in the past.  Needless to say it has been an eventful spring and summer thus far.  There may be enough leftover yarn from this project for the Hat Toss event.  Red is a great hat color and the Urchin pattern is one of my favorite patterns because it knits up quickly and using cotton yarn makes the hat a perfect choice to wear for just about any time of year.
Little Red in progress.  I lengthened the sleeve a bit.
Yesterday was our wedding anniversary--36 years!  Jim had been car shopping for Ben and found a nice Honda, which we checked out on our way to the zoo.  Jim took the day off and we enjoyed walking through the zoo.  It was a nice, although hot, day.  We were just in time for the bears to show off how they communicate with trainers.  They are amazing animals and have mannerisms just like humans.  I believe I got some good photos of them, but none to compare with the ones I took last year.  
4.8.12  I now have the front band to finish today and I can hit the finish line for Little Red.  Today is Spin-In at the shop, so I'll grab some fiber and sprint with the Handspun Heptahlon event.  I may not finish all my projects, but it is good to have lofty goals--it is, after all, the Olympics!
Something fun to add...I scored a book at Half Price Bookstore recently.  What made it even more interesting was the letter folded up in the front of the book.  It must have been a sample, because it is an introduction letter.  A fun find, and some classic patterns.
I really love the sweater dress on the cover!

I finished two events today, Handspun Heptathlon and Sweater Triathlon!
Spinning with little Hortense there was overtwist in the
singles, but it plied nice and balanced.  I like the texture.
Little Red is now finished!  It was about 10 pm CST
so the photo is dark even with the flash!  

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