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First Tuesday

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.  Today is the first day I am feeling the effects.  When I see a photo of Mom all I want to do is touch her cheek and give her a hug and kiss.  I miss her, although she is all around me and that is comforting.  When I look at the photo of her as a child, I like to think that is how her family saw her when they reunited.
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin O. Burkey and family
Ila, Grandma (Anna), Roland, Harold, Grandpa (Benjamin), and Arlene (Mom)
Mom and Ila's dresses were yellow.  

Mom and  my Benjamin.

Rubbing noses like the "Ekimoses."

Yesterday a friend, Kristie, and I went to Carol's for lunch.  I knew that the first official Tuesday without Mom would be difficult.  It was lovely.  We had soup and French fries and shared a piece of coconut cake--oh my, that was heavenly!  We toasted Mom and it was fitting.  I think Mom would approve.  Over the years on our local outings, we would run into many friends they loved meeting Mom.  We always had fun!  On Friday I planned a memorial for her at the assisted living facility.   

On the fiber front...we had a meeting at the shop to plan for future classes.  Some will remain the same, but I am excited about the advanced knitting.  When I finish writing the class description I will post the information.  Projects are lined up in my queue for the Ravellenics.  My project list is ambitious, but one must push their limit during the Olympics.  The only event to fill is the Handspun Heptathlon.  I finished  Stroke of Genius (Kwoosh) last night.  It is a nice size and the colors of the yarn are very pretty.  


Jennifer said...

Hugs to you. There's never a good time to lose one's mother. Have you read Motherless Daughters? It's a great book about grieving the loss of Mom. If the time's right for you... I highly recommend it. More and more hugs being sent your way...

Deborah said...

Thank you, Jennifer. I've not read the book, but it sounds like a good one. I'll look for it.

Kathy said...

Love the picture of your Mom and Ben! Glad to hear you had a plan for the first Tuesday. I thought about you that day and wondered how it was going.

See you soon!

Deborah said...

I am still on auto pilot while getting paper work, etc. finished. I had a short memorial for Mom where she lived and it was so nice. I will be sure to pop in now and then to visit. It was good to see her friends and the staff.

I look forward to meeting for coffee and chatting!

Joanne said...

I am glad that you had plans for the day and lovely plans, at that. :)
I love seeing the pictures of your mom, too. I know she was a wonderful woman, she raised you. :)
The knitting has begun for the Ravellenics. I am working on several things, but will be anxious to see yours as they progress.

Deborah said...

Thanks, I love looking at the photos. I can hear her laughing, singing, and being her sweet self.