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New chapter and new normal

Much has happened since the 4th.  After having a fun holiday celebration, Mom had a stroke and fell during the night.  I was called in and stayed with her as much as possible for 6 days.  Hospice and the facility staff were wonderful.  She was not in pain and left this life when she was ready.  Pastor Kiri from Faith Lutheran Church and I were with her when she passed away peacefully.  I picture the happy reunion with my brother, sister, Pop, and all she loved and lost over the years.  Mom's funeral was on the 17th.  It was lovely and so good to see friends and family.  Mom's hair was perfect and the red suit was really pretty.  She would be pleased!
It was awfully hot in Ohio during our time there.  We stayed at the lovely Carlisle Inn in Walnut Creek, with Coblenz Chocolate on one side and Der Dutchman restaurant on the other.  It's always a treat to eat good home cooking.  It felt different to be up there without Tishie, my sister.  Mom, Tishie, and I were always having fun together and I have fond memories of those times.  Now it is time to open a new chapter in  my life and move forward.
I did a little knitting on the Kwoosh, with probably as much frogging as knitting.  I took photos of the Amish buggies and the farmers in the fields.  The landscape is very beautiful in that part of Ohio.
The view from the front of the Inn.
Small stacks outside Sugarcreek.

Farmers working.

Clip-clop clip-clop, Amish Buggy.
Trucks and buggies share the roads.
Despite the heat and dryness, the flowers were pretty.


Joanne said...

Great pictures! I love seeing the buggies and the scenery. The flowers are gorgeous too.

Corrie B said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you are doing OK a month on.

Corrie B said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Much hugs and sympathy.

Deborah said...

Thank you, Corrie B. I miss Mom, but she is with me in all the things I do!