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Yesterday was a nice day to spin at the shop.  Mary's husband, Rob has been making spindles.  Mary brought Turkish spindles for us to try.  They are lovely and come apart for easy storage.  I particularly like the bottom, which has a graceful shape.  Janelle will make some hooks to replace the eye hooks, which will really be nice to center the single and make the spindle stable when it is spinning.
Jenny was minding the shop and knitting, and then three of us were spinning.  Janelle had her Ladybug and I had Hortense with me.  Mary was focusing on her spindle spinning.
Jenny happily knitting away.  

Rob's Turkish spindles--we enjoyed trying them out.

Mary spinning and Janelle checks out the spindles.

Action shot!

Mary perfects her technique.

Janelle's Ladybug wheel.

Hortense and me.
We all agreed that we will keep Rob challenged and busy with woodworking projects for spinning tools!  The fun part is when we are able to try out the tools.  He makes various versions, which is helpful.

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