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It was a dark and stormy...

Day!  Not a leaf is moving outside and it is very still and dark outside right now.  Of course, today I have to run errands.  ...Could be worse, could be raining.  The weather--ugh--is going to be steamy at 93 with a heart index of 108!  I will be happy when a cold front blows through and brings down our temperatures to normal.
I am working on a pair of socks and I happen to be on the second sock, thank you very much!  I started this "Americana" pair while at summer camp.  Since I have so much yarn, the second sock will be longer, and then I can frog the first sock to the heel flap and add to the length.  They will be nice to wear with my hiking boots.  I love this sock yarn.  I have a skein of German flag colors, too.
Now that it is August, my calendar will fill up with classes and events.  I will be switching my cable/color class so I can help Jim with Round Table.  There will be an expanded version of the Dutch Oven cookbook this year.
Knitting by the campfire at summer camp.
Americana socks
I confess, I am not sure I like the red for the vest project...I may have to think about this one before I knit more.  It is the OX Vest from Folk Vests.
SWAK and hugs

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Joanne said...

Love your socks! I have always thought it would be great to have a red vest.