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Back home, with camping on my mind...

We're settling back into our routines.  I have to say that the humidity is a bit rough, but at least the heat index is not quite as high as it was when we left.  The air conditioning feels good!  
I have not been knitting much, lately.  I am way too busy with other things.  Mom is enjoying hearing about our camping and Scouting adventures.  She is excited to see Ben when he comes back to Minnesota in August so he can tell her all about his experiences.

Beautiful trail I walked daily during Grey Wolf
Afternoon sunlight filters through the trees.
The light filters through the leaves and the green just POPS!
An old (downed) sign at FCA Scout Camp.
I like the look of the washed out color and worn wood.
This tree was by the road leaving Tomahawk (summer camp).
A gateway made from sheds at Philmont.  The skull with antlers was found by a Ranger.
Looking down the main street in Cimarron.
A fun bike--we used to decorate our bikes like this on the 4th of July.
Buildings in Cimarron.  The light in the southwest is just beautiful.
Pretty purple petunias! 
Outside an antique shop in Cimarron.
View of the other side of the Tooth of Time. 
Mule deer are plentiful around the ranch.
Crew preparing for their trek--shakedown time. 
Beautifully hand-painted decorative beams in Villa Philmonte... 
...and tile work,
...and light fixtures (the star was made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania).
How Window Rock got its name--Waite Phillips had this window cut into the library wall
so he could see the view.  The horizontal rock formation is Window Rock.
Waite and Genevieve Phillips.  He felt his portrait made him look  a bit pompous,
so he had it hanging in a closet (it is still there). 
Tile work at the front door.
The gardens and plants around the villa are just gorgeous. 
The lovely details around the villa are charming.
I think I could live in the villa...
Branding items is always fun to do.
A couple of the ponies watched the closing campfire.
Linda sings a beautiful solo at the closing campfire.  Her seeing-eye dog, Daisy, was so dear.  We all agreed that she was the most spoiled working dog, period.  She is 12 1/2 years old.  Linda was in Jim's class.  Linda was so interesting to talk to, and musically talented.
Crew packs ready to go.  The TP on the outside is not a great idea
because it can catch and unroll.  Not good...
We pulled off the road on the way to Angel Fire so I could take
photos of the rock formations and this was a nice surprise to see!
Angel Fire, New Mexico
Cloud formation on the road to Denver.
View of Denver from the plane.
This is a chipmunk that resides around our home.  At Philmont, these little critters are referred to as mini-bears.  They are cute, but curious little buggers that love to get into everything!  

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Joanne said...

What wonderful pictures and what looks like a wonderful time!