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Back from the Land of Enchantment

We have been back from Philmont since Sunday.  I caught up the laundry and now have to work on putting away camping gear.  It was a very busy July.
The trip to New Mexico was so much fun.  Jim and I enjoyed our courses--he took Round Table and I took T-BOS (Training--Basic Outdoor Skills).  I will be adjusting my schedule this year so I can help Jim with Round Table and besides--I miss being there and will probably be using my new certification to teach Basic Outdoor Skills!  
Ben was able to take his three-days-in-a-row off while we were there.  It was wonderful to see him and spend some time with him.  Ben is so happy to be trekking in the back country.  He takes a crew out for a total of four days, hikes back into base camp, and then takes out another crew the next day.  On his time off, he hikes.  What an experience for him.  He showed me some of his photographs from the trail and they are just amazing.  
As always, the folks at Philmont (whether at PTC--the training center, on staff, or participants) are very nice.  We all share a love of Scouting and meeting others from all over this great country.  Steffers, our tent city staffer, made Dutch oven cobblers two times over our stay.  What a good treat after a long day; AND with ice cream!  On Wednesday, the day off, we decided not to go into Taos.  Instead we spent time in camp at the craft building making a belt for Ben, tie-dying vests, and branding stuff.  The buffalo burger cookout was tasty and it was Ben's first opportunity to partake of the good food.  Jim copied the little Dutch oven cookbook to distribute at the Scouting Midway.  I also got a couple of good recipes to put in this year's updated version!  Steffers even tried Ben's recipe for S'Mores cobbler later in the week.  It was very popular.  
In New Mexico and on the road to Philmont
Sign on a Com Truck
What Scouts wore in the early days.
Our home in South Tent City--we did a bit of decorating for fun!  I am whittling a neckerchief slide.
Moon over the Tooth of Time 
My course instructors made a floating flagpole.  It even lasted through a couple of storms.
These little birds flew the coop by the end of our stay.  They were right in front of our classroom.
Ben pays us a visit
Steffers unveils Dutch oven goodness!
My morning view from the tent
On the way to the Tooth of Time Traders 
My turn!
Ben's home away from home.
Dennis dressed as a Webelo with his bag of patches for the kids. 
Ben and some of his Ranger friends.  They hiked Baldy the next day.
Inside Villa Philmonte in one of the New Mexico rooms.  It is said the  buffalo charged
 and his head got stuck.
One of the lovely sunsets.
This was our sunset the day before we left.   As I was taking  this photo,
Linda, a classmate of Jim's, was singing a moving rendition of "America."


Kathy said...

Welcome Home! It looks like you had a great time. Love the pictures.

Man, summer is slipping by, isn't it?

Deborah said...

Once we got into July, time sped up! The humidity here is tough compared to NM, even though it's monsoon season.

Joanne said...

Wonderful pictures. It is great to see you and your family at the scouting adventures. Just gorgeous scenery, love the sunsets.