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A Summer of Scouting

Summer is flying by.  We are preparing for the trip to New Mexico!  The end of June I spent nine days at Grey Wolf, which was an amazing experience.  Five adults + 21 youth staffers + 62 participants = week  3 Grey Wolf!  Watching the participants over the week transform into leaders was an amazing experience.  In a nutshell, it is living the Scout Oath and Law intensely for a week.  We began developing our team in January in order to put on a great program for the participants.  I believe we accomplished that!  Course 4 finishes up today and it is time to put the equipment away for another year.  
After a couple of days rest at home, I drove over to Tomahawk Scout Reservation to spend time with the troop at summer camp.  I lucked out with the weather--it was very cool and comfortable for sleeping.  Kerry and I were happy that the camp installed new latrines with a side for women!  The boys were doing well, working on merit badges, and having fun.  It was good to have a fire going in the campsite all day.  A nice place to take a load off the feet and relax.  On cook's day off, we had Cheeseburgers in Paradise at Scoutcraft and then for supper the boys fixed steak, baked potatoes, and dessert.  A new twist is to have a couple of staffers join us for supper, which was great.  They sit with the boys and it is a nice way to see how the scouts are doing and get feedback about the programs, etc.
I drove back home in torrential rains, did laundry, and have been resting up for the trip to New Mexico.  I will take Outdoor Training, and Jim will take Round Table.  He made copies of my little Dutch oven cookbook to share at the Midway.

Gery and I are ready for Course 3!
Dutch oven cooking!
There is always time to sing
Quiet time
Mrs. C. checks her notes
Happy totem
Breakfast--A's mom made us muffins!
Morning assembly flag ceremony
Out for a walk.  I guess you could say this is a self-portrait.
I took time to observe the color and textures of the woods.
The ferns grow in circles

A valentine from nature
Ballista lashing 
Summer camp! 
The weather was nice and cool, so I planted myself and picked up my knitting! 
Pretty blooms near the Trading Post.
Adult campsite--Big Agnes and the Gnomes are back!

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