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The pencil is mightier than the sword

 I usually post my knitting  here, but today I would like to post some art work.  I had a commission from a dear friend and today I finished it.  Sadly, the dog passed away, but I hope that her husband likes the surprise.  I used different pencils from H to 9B and I love the result.  Drawing is still one of my favorite forms of artistic expression.  The simplicity of the materials is ideal!  It was also nice to do a larger work.  This piece is on 18" x 24" drawing paper.  Storage of art can be a challenge, so commissions are a great way to work.

The process began at the drawing table after picking a pose. 
I adjusted the contrast of the bandanna, and then made a grid on tracing paper, sketched the portrait, and then using my window as a light table, finished the portrait on the drawing paper (moving to the large easel after getting the subject blocked in.
The finished portrait.

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Margie said...

Deborah, I am so impressed, usually by your knitting, but now by your art also. That is a beautiful portrait, a great commission. Thinking of you all in the USA today. Big hugs, Margie.