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Yes, I know...most Minnesotans do not want to think about cooler weather right now, but I am in a knitting mood after a long summer break.  I dug through my bags, emptied out all the loose needles, organized them, and rounded up my notions.  It amazes me how many gauges I have, but they make nice bookmarks and I keep yards-meters and meters-yards on them.  It is handy to have along when buying yarn, which I am working hard NOT to do right now.  It is all about using up stash for awhile. 
My next project is Kasuri Chanchanko by Cheryl Oberle (Folk Vests).   I bought Spud and ChloĆ« Fine, a superwash blend of wool and silk.  The dark blue and creamy white will be really nice together for this project.  Today I will wind yarn and then swatch.  
Before I do anything else, Eevee needs walkies.  The gym is closed, so no yoga or walk club :( .  At least the humidity is down a bit after all the storms.
04.07.11 I provisionally cast on the 252 stitches for the vest.  After the near-disasterous yarn winding session yesterday, I do like the feel of the yarn.  The only size 3,5 mm circular I have is an Addi Turbo, so the knitting goes quickly.
16.08.11  The Addi Turbo was not a good choice for my project.  I have done more frogging than knitting.  Bamboo is better.  I believe after a few tries, I am on the right track.
I called this Tangled--not because of the pattern--because of the yarn!
The time for Ben to be home is fast approaching and I couldn't be happier!  He has had a wonderful summer of adventure in New Mexico.  Last week he was on bear patrol and chased a bear away from the area he was patrolling.  Mind you,  we are talking about a black bear and not a grizzly.
We had our first Round Table of the year.  I made Monkey Brains (the boys like brains better than bread).  I found a chef's hat at the craft store and had pieces off Jim's old uniform for decoration.  It was fun to embellish and it's a nice touch for my Dutch oven presentations.
And now for something completely different...
My chef's hat for Round Table.

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