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Little shawl

Carol gave me some lovely spinning fiber last year and I promptly spun it up, but I'm just now using it with the pattern she gave me.  It's fun to knit and I'm debating on an edging, but once it's blocked, I may just leave it plain.
Wow, this is progressing so quickly, I may have a new accessory to wear after tomorrow.  It's supposed to be 75 tomorrow, but the temp will dive after that.
This weekend is Shepherd's Harvest and I'm hoping Kathy and I are able to go together.  


Joanne said...

Your spinning and knitting look gorgeous! I am so glad to see you spinning. :) I am guessing you wore a jacket to Shepherd's Harvest. It is even cool here in TX.

Deborah said...

I wore my Lopi cardigan. It's cold today.