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Taking a walk

We've been pretty lucky the past week because the weather's been very pleasant.  The grass is so green, and the sky is very blue.  I decided to take a walk on the clouds the other day.  When I was a little girl, my sister and I used to walk on the clouds.  I was out on the deck enjoying the nice day.  I spread out a blanket, took my shoes off (so I could feel the softness) and stood on a puffy, white cloud for a few moments (I made my socks on my last trip to Germany--a good way to admire my work).  Ahhh, it was wonderful--so soft and fluffy!  The breeze was light, so the little cloud passed by slowly.  I highly recommend this form of exercise, as it's quite good for lifting one's mood.  I miss my sister very much, and I'm sure she was peeking over a cloud watching me.  She probably wanted to tickle my feet!


Joanne said...

I bet you are right and your sister did want to tickle your feet. I love your socks, the blue sky and the great picture!! What great memories.

Margie said...

Great idea for a walk Deborah.I just love your socks and your reminiscence and I am sure your sister is desperate to tickle you. I am going to try that cloud walking myself later. Thank you for a great post. Hugs Margie.