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28.05.10  One week ago today I was at Scout camp.  We were preparing for Star Camp--a celebration of Scouting's 100th birthday in the US and in Minnesota.  It was quite a weekend and an exciting event.  I heard we had anywhere from 10, 500 to 11,000 participants.  I was one of the volunteer photographers, and had such fun taking photos all weekend.  I met up with old friends and made some new friends.
Now, backing up two weeks...we started out on a bike ride and had gone about 5 miles when I had clip problems (didn't get out in time) and a dizzy spell.  Ugh!  What a hassle!  I banged up my knee and a candy bar helped give me enough energy to bike back to the car.  The next day (Sunday) I was adjusting my shoe while standing and when I sat on the step, I pointed my rear incorrectly and felt and heard something like knuckles cracking.  Well, I was able to forget how much my knee hurt.  This week I had some x-rays and it turns out I have a fractured tailbone.  I can move around just fine.  It hurts when I sit still! How annoying.
03.06.10  The steak fry is coming up  and my second Wood Badge ticket will be finished! I got the cook booklets finished--50 in all.  My last Dutch oven dish (until September) will be River City Ribs (Coca Cola ribs).
Ben and I had a nice day yesterday.  After we went to Kinko's and made all the copies for the booklets (50 copies each of 8 pages back and front), we went out to lunch--California Pizza Kitchen.  I had my favorite pizza Gorgonzola Pear.  We also had a good appetizer--white corn guacamole with chips.  Mmmm...good.  When we got back home we cut pages, organized pages, and then bound the booklets.
I'm making my way through the rest of the Kilimanjaro.  I confess I'll be happy to be done with this sweater.  This one has been a real pain to keep the stitch count correct for increasing and decreasing.  Ugh.  It had better be worth it!  I'm planning my next project and I believe it will be something cabled.  I've had my patterns and books out and have been searching for the perfect project.  There are luscious tweeds and aran yarn in my stash just waiting to be made into something warm and wooly.  Lace is out for now.  As much as I love to knit it, I'm just over it after the Kilimanjaro.  Maybe that's why I can't find that design on Ravelry!
It's good that our temps are in the 70s, because I'm using the heating pad on my backside.  I'm taking Tylenol again to see if that helps.  This is highly annoying and has seriously dented my activity level.  I hiked last weekend with the guys and it was so nice, but I paid for it the next day.  It was worth it, though.  The wildflowers were blooming and it was pleasant in the shade.  Jim, Ben, and Mike had their packs (it was a training hike for them) and I just had my camera.  It was odd not to have a day pack.

05.06.10 I finally got photos off my camera, so I can finish this post!   It's been a busy and tiresome few weeks.  I worked on Wood Badge ticket #2 and as of Thursday, it's finished.  The little booklet turned out great.  I think I'll do this again for next "year" (we start up again in August).  Jim took my ticket and booklets for Phyllis (my patrol guide) and Skye (Grey Wolf director).  I'm still healing my fractured tailbone.  Today I feel pretty good.  It's about time, I haven't had much sound sleep lately.
I've dubbed the current WIP, Kili(aaaahhhh)manjaro.  I WILL finish it.  I have some linen in the wings as well as the Faye Jacket to finish.

Scenes from camp, hiking, and knitting--the statue reminds me of Ben, a camper arriving with all his gear, Rocky the Flying Squirrel, "Lord Baden-Powell" made an appearance, a Scout on the COPE course, time out to roll down the hill, I take a knitting break at the info booth,  huge crowd for the show, fireworks, Eevee is happy Ben's home, Mike and Jim check their direction during our hike, Jim and Ben, and the Faye Jacket.


Joanne said...

I am sooo sorry that you injured yourself, ouch. Hoping you heal up quickly. Can you sit on a pillow, does that even help?
You will conquer the Kilimanjaro, I know you will.
Your pictures are gorgeous, great job on them.

Kathy said...

You've been busy. Bummer about your bum. I've heard that can be pretty painful. You did get some good pictures before you went down!

Can you sit long enough for coffee? We need to get together to catch up. Email me if you have a free day this week.

Jennifer said...

What a great post. Love all the wonderful pictures. What Scout camp do you go to? We go to Sequassen in Connecticut. Happy camping!

Deborah said...

Thanks! We were at Stearns for Star Camp. I did my WB course there.
There are quite a few between MN and WI. I just got back from Fred C. Anderson on the WI side of the St. Croix river. It's so pretty there.
I guess you could say we're into scouting...DH is on staff for the summer WB course, DS is working at cub scout camp, and I'm helping with the feasts for 5 weeks. Whew!