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...and so summer begins.

It's that time of year.  Ben and Zach headed to camp.  It's been nice to have Ben home for a bit and Zach for a couple of days.  I finished Gery Grey Wolf and he'll be going to camp this weekend.  I do believe Eevee will miss him.  We think his new look is quite handsome.
I finished the Faye Jacket and it just needs a couple of ends woven and blocking.  Why I decided to sew it together before blocking is a puzzlement, but I was NOT going to take it apart!  It's really a nice design.  In hindsight, I could have planned the cable transition for the shoulders a bit better.  The bobbles on the front shoulders are gone.  I secured the stitches above and below on the wrong side, and then clipped the bobble in the middle and undid it--surprising how much yarn those take.  I duplicate stitched to close the holes and it looks good.  Too bad it's not blocked.  This morning is chilly and it would feel cozy.
The other sweater is still partially done.  One sleeve to finish and one to go.  Lace patterns and raglan sleeve shaping = no fun.
I finished myfaye and found buttons pretty quickly today.  I can put this one away until fall, unless it becomes chilly before then.  Gery is finished and off to camp.  I've been going through stuff lately.  Time to purge.  The kitchen re-do will happen later this summer.  Lots going on!
Yesterday I went through the stash.  I have a nice project stash and spinning stash.  The Tour de Fleece is coming up and the chocolate covered cherries and cormo/silk will be the projects for the event.


FiberGeek said...

Beautiful sweater! I love it.

Kathy said...

New blog template! I'll have to play around with those if I have time this weekend. They looked fun.

You found great buttons for your sweater, and I'm impressed that you've already sewn them on. Excellent.

Joanne said...

Grey Wolf is awesome! You did a fabulous job on him.

I just love the sweater, it is gorgeous. I had to giggle, that you were thinking of wearing a wool sweater and I was out sweltering, in the shade, on a 95F day. LOL!!!