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Chocolate with zero calories!

Got your attention, didn't it?  Kathy and I went to Shepherd's Harvest Fest on Saturday. It was bad weather, as usual...but I got to wear my cardigan, so it was a good day!  It was crowded (much more so than years past), which is good for the fest.  The four large buildings were open with vendors.  Lots of pretty fiber-y goods to see and purchase.  I found a pattern and a pound and four ounces of chocolate covered cherries to spin.  We visited the sheep in the barn and they never fail to make me smile.
After we got back, I had a bit of down time before heading out to the scout camp for the troop cooking competition.  We had quite a feast.  The boys loved preparing their meals and the adults even participated.  I have a few new recipes to add to my cook booklet for June!
I finally felted the cup cozies.  I hope the cups I used for drying weren't too big.  Must try one tomorrow.  They are in need of some embellishing.


Kathy said...

That was a fun day, wasn't it? And we came home with goodies to boot.

Just once, though, I'd like to be out there when it's sunny and warm. I'm just sayin'.

Joanne said...

Oooo, the chocolate covered cherries look great! Love those cup cozies too.

Glad you and Kathy had a good time, despite the weather.

Deborah said...

It was a fun day and I wish Joanne could have joined us!