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Saturday--Jim is headed off to Fred C. Anderson Scout Camp to help clean after the last Grey Wolf course. He'll be gone the whole day. We went to the St. Paul Saints game last night. Oh, that was fun! Train. The pig is adorable. It's the way baseball should be played--outside! Crazy atmosphere. The bleacher seats are only $4 apiece. It was a gorgeous full moon and they won.
I met Angel for coffee yesterday. We had such a nice visit. She is such a dear person. The Jacobean Bag is not a total loss. Angel will work her magic on it. I'm letting her take control of that. I'm SO excited for the dot bag. I found a large green button at the shop, and then had a plain black one from my stash to layer over top of it. The felting is perfect (size), the best I've ever done (up to now).
Sunday--Now that I'm past the lace and working the body of the Penelope Blouse I'll show you the progress. One word--MARKERS! They help keep you on track when you're in the lace part. So far, this is very easy. The silk yarn is really nice. I just hope the size is. I opted to make the small rather than the petite. The gauge is working out. I'm using the heavy worsted weight yarn pattern with one size smaller needles.

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