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After a few false beginnings, I got the Penelope Blouse (by Oat Couture) going. Once you pick up the stitches around the lace and get a couple of rows going, it's pretty fast knitting. Naturally, I had a twist going the first time!! You pick up 17 stitches for every 24 rows of lace. I'm knitting the small, so that's 187 stitches! Augh! When I make a bit more progress, I'll post a photo. It doesn't look too interesting right now.
The dot purse is dry and now waits for Angel's magic. Oh yes, the Jacobean Bag awaits help, too. I think that will take assistance of biblical proportions. I've been such a good girl lately and not purchased any more yarn (lately). I'm working through my rather large stash. I knitted one of Baba's Bed Socks when I was waiting for the Harry Potter book last Friday. I heard someone make a reference to Mrs. Weasley. I hope my knitting looks better than that, and no, I wasn't "in costume," thank you very much! I have lots of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn, which is perfect for that pattern. I use Thick and Quick for the guys. Ben's worn through two pair already.
Troop 301 had quite a send off at the airport yesterday. There were at least two other troops there, too. Ben's excited. He and Travis are going to have a blast.

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