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Today's the day our son leaves for the Boy Scout World Jamboree London. He's excited and so are we. The editor of the local paper called him the other evening and they spoke for a bit. The fellow happens to be from that area of England.
Son has lots of stuff to trade. I know he'd really like to have a campaign hat (gray) and shirt (red) from Austria. Some of the most coveted trades have the American flag on them.
Back to the evil purse...Angel's bailing me out. We're meeting at Caribou on Saturday morning. I have the project, handles, and some extra yarn. She'll see what she can do to repair the damage I caused! On the bright side, I finished the large dot bag. It's in the dryer, now. (No, it's not tumbling--I have a shelf in there and the air circulates around the project.) I think it's going to be great. I have the smooth leather straps for it, and that wonderful Kaffe Fasset fabric for the lining. I'll give that to Angel, too. Mine might be done before Paula's and Roxanne's. I added a good-size loop for a button on the front.
On the subject of finished projects--Cocoa's done. The felted rabbit. He's non-fattening. I have to take photos to post of all these things! I'm just getting the hang of this, so be patient. I have the comment setting enabled, so one can make comments about this or me. (Be kind...)

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